JULY 24th 2017

Dear Players:

As we write this, we feel quite sentimental as we look at how far Strike of Kings has come and what lies in store for it in the future. We'd like to thank all of our wonderful players for your continued support of Strike of Kings throughout the year. We have some big changes coming, and we're happy to announce that our closed beta test phase in some European regions is now coming to an end. A new stage will soon begin! Strike of Kings will soon be available in all of Europe in the second phase of our test version. We have additional changes in addition to this.

First and foremost, the name Strike of Kings only represented our testing phase within our current regions. The official name for the game will become Arena of Valor with the release of our new version.

Why did we choose“Arena of Valor” as our new name?

For us, valor is a very important concept meaning: “boldness or determination in facing great danger, especially in battle; heroic courage; bravery” and further comprises the core meaning of our game.

On the battlefield with epic heroes fighting to win: teamwork, skill and valor are all essential to victory, thus the name Arena of Valor will soon be used to represent our game! And as mentioned before, Strike of Kings was meant to be a temporary name used in only a few regions. We are quite excited to see all of you in the game with this new name.

With our game being available to more players and with a richer gameplay experience, we feel that Arena of Valor best expresses these changes. We are also continuing to develop this game in hopes that friends can continue to share in the joy of battle, make new friends across continents, and further develop deep friendships through the game.

During our soft launch phase in all of Europe, Arena of Valor will also provide additional gameplay modes, new heroes and new mechanics like draft mode where each team is granted ban options to add a new level of strategy in the pre-game. We will also have a host of events to celebration the release of new name and new version in Europe!

We've talked about before how much we appreciate the love our players have shown for the game, but we can never fully express our how much gratitude we truly have for all of our players. Looking the new Arena of Valor loading screen in the upcoming version, it takes us back to the day when we saw our first player register and completing the tutorial. It is a feeling that we cannot simply express in words, but that moment made all of the hard work and love we poured in this game worth it. Thanks again to all of you who have enjoyed and supported our game up to this point. We still have a long way to go to making this the ultimate mobile MOBA experience, but with our Arena of Valor release in all of Europe on August 10, and with all of your continuous support, feedback and suggestions, we will get there!

Again, a heartfelt thanks to all of you that make the game what it now is today!

See you all on the battlefield in Arena of Valor on August 10!

Arena of Valor/ Strike of Kings Teams